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Door osjohn
Een bericht van Davis om je weatherlinkIP te upgraten naar 1.55.

Groeten John

CRITICAL UPDATE: Important firmware update for WeatherLinkIP
Who needs this update?
Everyone using a WeatherLinkIP datalogger (p/n 6555) with their Davis weather station.
Your WeatherLinkIP datalogger has a critical bug that will prevent it from keeping its time properly synched with Davis servers and cause it to stop uploading historical archive records. You may have noticed that when downloading archive records into your PC software or looking at archive records on weatherlink.com that they are not entirely up to date. This firmware patch will fix that and ensure your weather station clock stays accurate and in synch.
Installation instructions:
• Download the "WLIP_Updater_155.exe" firmware update from HERE.
• Run WLIP_Updater_155.exe.
• Click Find until your IP dataloggers DID is displayed.

• Click <Start> and wait for it to completely update the firmware in your WeatherLinkIP datalogger.
• Once the firmware is complete you should stop and wait for your archive records to catchup and be completely up to date. This may take up to 60 minutes.
If you have any problems, please contact
Davis Instruments Technical Support
M-F 7:00a to 5:30p Pacific time
510-732-7814 support@davisinstruments.com

Davis Instruments Inc., 3465 Diablo Ave, Hayward, CA 94545
Door wvdkuil
Deze "upgrade" is nodig als u (via WeatherLink.exe) de "historical archive records" data weer terug ophaalt naar de PC.

Het installatie programma werkt alleen onder Windows.